Lene Holme Samsøe

My name is Lene Holme Samsøe, and I am a knitwear designer. I have been knitting since my mother taught me as a child, and I started making my own design when I was still a teenager.

For many years I have made patterns for magazines and yarn companies and have been publishing books at Danish and foreign publishers. Making so many patterns each year have taught me a lot about how to make a good pattern, but for the last years I have chosen to follow my design all the way from idea to release, and I therefore publish all my patterns and books myself.

I have a fondness for the simple design with delicate details and a construction that make it easy for the knitter to get a good result. I aim for it to be straight forward to follow my patterns, but the results may look sophisticated and difficult!

 In my opinion, I have the perfect job, and I love that knitting is both about materials, colours, patterns, and shape. 

You find my knitting patterns – in many languages – at www.leknit.com