Textile Scholarships 2019 - 2022

In 2019 - 2022, the Textile Center was able to award six 2-month residential scholarships for Nordic-Baltic based textile artists to develop and present new work in Iceland, lead a community workshop, connect to international networks and gain insight in Icelandic textile tradition and innovation. This opportunity came via Nordic Culture Point. 

Scholarships included: 

  • Travel to and from Iceland (Blönduós), up to €660 per artist
  • Accommodation in Kvennaskólinn for two months
  • Exclusive access to the Textile Center's digital loom (Tc2 residencies only)
  • Production / work stipend, € 1500 per artist per stay
  • Work stipend for workshop: up to €500 per artist per stay
  • Access to gallery space for group / solo exhibitions
  • Access to the facilities of the FabLab in nearby Sauðárkrókur  & the new TextileLab in Blönduós 

All scholarships have now been awarded to the following recipients: 

Josefin Tingvall, Sweden (Sept. - Oct. 2019). Exhibition / outdoor video installation in Blönduós (October 24.-27. 2019)
Petter Hellsing, Sweden (Sept. - Oct. 2019). Exhibition & lecture in Blönduós and Reykjavík School of Visual Arts (Oct. 8 & 28, 2019)
Kärt Ojavee, Estonia (Oct. - Nov. 2020). Lecture Iceland University of the Arts & art exhibition at the Blönduós library (November 23.-26., 2020)
Søren Krag, Denmark (May - June 2021) - TC2 residency. Lecture & exhibition "Digital paintings: Elder Edda weaving motifs" (June 2020). 
Austė Jurgelionytė-Varnė, Lithuania (Sept. - Oct. 2021). Exhibition & community workshop: "Natural prints" (October 6, 2022)
Heidi Pietarinen, Finland (Feb. - Mar. 2022). Tc2 residency. Exhibition & open lecture: "Atmospheric encounters" (March 26, 2022). 

Josefin, Petter, Kärt, Søren, Austé and Heidi are all represented in the Ós Residency Catalog. 

Thank you for being here, everyone! 

Please note that artists - regardless of where they are based in the world - can always apply for a regular residency. We accept applications from textile artists and scholars all year round.