Textile Scholarships 2019 - 2022

In 2019 - 2022, the Textile Center was able to award six 2-month residential scholarships for Nordic-Baltic based textile artists to develop and present new work in Iceland, lead a community workshop, connect to international networks and gain insight in Icelandic textile tradition and innovation. This opportunity came via Nordic Culture Point. 

Scholarships included: 

  • Travel to and from Iceland (Blönduós), up to €660 per artist
  • Accommodation in Kvennaskólinn for two months
  • Exclusive access to the Textile Center's digital loom (Tc2 residencies only)
  • Production / work stipend, € 1500 per artist per stay
  • Work stipend for workshop: up to €500 per artist per stay
  • Access to gallery space for group / solo exhibitions
  • Access to the facilities of the FabLab in nearby Sauðárkrókur  & the new TextileLab in Blönduós 

All scholarships have now been awarded to the following recipients: 

Josefin Tingvall, Sweden (Sept. - Oct. 2019). Exhibition / outdoor video installation in Blönduós (October 24.-27. 2019)
Petter Hellsing, Sweden (Sept. - Oct. 2019). Exhibition & lecture in Blönduós and Reykjavík School of Visual Arts (Oct. 8 & 28, 2019)
Kärt Ojavee, Estonia (Oct. - Nov. 2020). Lecture Iceland University of the Arts & art exhibition at the Blönduós library (November 23.-26., 2020)
Søren Krag, Denmark (May - June 2021) - TC2 residency. Lecture & exhibition "Digital paintings: Elder Edda weaving motifs" (June 2020). 
Austė Jurgelionytė-Varnė, Lithuania (Sept. - Oct. 2021). Exhibition & community workshop: "Natural prints" (October 6, 2022)
Heidi Pietarinen, Finland (Feb. - Mar. 2022). Tc2 residency. Exhibition & open lecture: "Atmospheric encounters" (March 26, 2022). 


Josefin, Petter, Kärt, Søren, Austé and Heidi are all represented in the Ós Textile Residency catalog. 

Thank you for being here, everyone! 

Please note that artists - regardless of where they are based in the world - can always apply for a regular residency. We accept applications from textile artists and scholars all year round. 



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