Deborah Gray

Deborah Gray frá Skotlandi hefur margra ára reynslu í kennslu í ullarvinnslu. Á Prjónagleðinni 2024 kennir hún hvernig á að spinna á halasnældu, sólarlitun og Fair Isle prjón.


Deborah Gray from Scotland has taught spinning and knitting classes for over 30 years. "I started knitting in the 1970’s and learned to spin in 1978, as a natural progression from knitting, crochet and other textile crafts. I wanted to extend my creative input to designing and producing the yarns I would use in my projects. I was also fascinated with the whole process of transforming raw materials, mostly sheep’s wool, into beautiful and useful fabrics. I was lucky to be tutored by a number of remarkable spinners, notably the late and irreplaceable Mabel Ross." 

Since 2013, Deborah has been a guest tutor during the annual Shetland Wool Week, teaching both spinning and knitting classes, and taught at Edinburgh Yarn Festival. Since 2010, she has taught weekend workshops all over Italy. Deborah more than anything enjoys sharing her passion and skills with others. "It has been a pleasure and a privilege to help so many people discover that they can spin. Smiling faces at the end of a class are for me a more important product than the skeins of yarn that my learners carry home with such pride."