"New Directions": DesignMarch 2023

Can we create textiles out of seaweed? 

Can we make musical wearables that are controlled by our heartbeat? 
Can we capture dance in textiles? 
Can we substitute food waste for porcelain?  

These were some of the questions raised in the works by the participants of Fabricademy x Icelandic Textile Center 2022-2023. Their final projects were displayed in the exhibition "New Directions" during DesignMarch 2023 in Reykjavík. Projects ranged from heart disease awareness with wearables to parametrically designed textiles generated from dance to reformulating to porcelain slip casting process with local biomaterials to haptical and inflatable objects made out of local seaweed. 

The exhibition took place at Bakkaskemman in the Ocean Cluster House in Reykjavík and was open from May 4 - 6, 2023. 

Fabricademy 2022/23: Alberte Bojesen, Louise Massacrier (instructor), Margrét Guttormsdóttir, Alice Sowa and Emma Shannon (left to right).