Loom studio

The looms are situated on the third floor of the Textile Center with work tables and storage spaces. The view is a gorgeous, sweeping outlook of where the Blanda River merges with the ocean.

There are different-size looms: 80, 120, 130 and 140cm. They are 4, 6 or 8 shaft Scandinavian (Icelandic) countermarch looms. The loom studio also holds one vertical tapestry loom. The weaving width is 35 inches and the loom has two heddle bars, a reed and two treadles. It is the Scandinavian type of tapestry loom. 

The looms - 10 in total - are quite old and historic, please treat them with gentle care. They may be different to what you have worked with before and we ask that artists have experience with looms before using them. Residents have full access to looms and weaving equipment; large selection of reeds, warping reel, distaff holders, shuttles, yarn reels etc. Please bring basics (measuring tape etc.) and your desired threads. There is a small selection of yarn available to buy at the TextileLab. 

Please note that the Textile Center does not offer weaving classes unless advertised. 

 Loom studio

Loom studio. Picture: Textile Center.