Dye Studio

We have a separate small studio across the street to be used for dyeing. The residency does not provide any dyes (pigments, medium, starch, etc.). However, Iceland produces many natural dye resources such as lichens of various colours, plants and flowers (just do not expect to see many/any flowers during spring or winter).

The dye studio is a small space best suited for making natural dyes, doing small dye batches, and wet work like felting, wool washing, or incidental dyeing of yarn/fibres. It is not ventilated and does not have an industrial sink, so it is not suitable for heavy chemicals or environmentally unsafe processes.

Dye Studio Equipment:

  • Work bench
  • Steel table
  • Household sink
  • 4 x electric stove burners
  • 1 x microwave
  • Kettle
  • Metal pots – large, medium, and small
  • Plastic buckets – large and small
  • Glass Jars
  • Kitchen scales
  • Stirring utensils
  • Drying racks (laundry fold out style)

Please note: Sometimes other artists will leave behind mordant/alum or natural dye materials, but if you rely on this, ensure to bring your own. Natural dye work is best done in summer and autumn. Winter and spring do not offer many plants for dyes. If you need specifics not listed above, it is best to bring these items with you, as the Textile Center does not provide art materials.

 Dye studio

Dye studio. Picture: Textile Center.