On May 21, 2021, the Textile Center's TextileLab was formally opened on Þverbraut 1 in Blönduós. The first of its kind in Iceland, the TextileLab offers access to state-of-the-art textile equipment and digital technology for makers, students and artists, including two Tc2 digital looms, a felt loom, laser cutter, laser printer, digital embroidery machine & knitting machine (coming soon). The project received a development grant from the Icelandic Infrastructure Fund, Lóa Innovation Fund and is part of the Textile Center's ongoing European collaboration CENTRINNO, funded by the research and innovation program Horizon2020. 

For whom? 
The TextileLab is open to anyone interested in working with textiles. No formal training or experience needed. It's a space for experimentation and learning - sample work rather than full-blown production - with an emphasis on sustainable and local resources. (Think Icelandic wool, seaweed and fish leather.) You don't need to have a perfectly detailed or finished project idea in mind. Our Lab manager, Margrét Katrín Guttormsdóttir, is a product designer and has the expertise to help develop ideas and will also teach you how to use equipment. That said, her time is limited, so please note that you will not have unlimited access to assistance while working on projects. Also, please don't expect staff members to do the work for you. 

How much does it cost? 
Lab users pay for the material they use. We have some yarn, wool, felt fabric, threads, wood and laser cutting acrylic etc. on site, but you are welcome to bring your own materials.  Artists in residence who stay at the Ós residency for a month or longer can book access to equipment in the TextileLab on-site (depending on availability). 

When can I come?
Just contact Margrét at margret.katrin@textilmidstod.is if you have a question, want to visit with a group or work with the equipment in the lab. If you are an artist in residence, you can book equipment during special opening hours - we'll let you know once you are here. Interested in a residency but have not applied yet? Please fill out the application form on our website ("How to apply") and tick the boxes regarding the TextileLab.