Current and past residents

Since it first opened in 2013, the Textile Center Residency has hosted textile artists and scholars from all around the world. Their work has featured at Art Brussels (Hannah Epstein), Lake Como Design Fair (Signe Emdal), Textile Arts Center in New York (Ýr Jóhannsdóttir), Fashion Pop Montreal (WhiteFeather Hunter), Penland Gallery (Amy Tavern), San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design (Christy Madson). 

Artists in residence are tailors and dressmakers, fashion designers, textile developers (Hollie WardAnja Alexandersdóttir), teachers, exhibiting artists, costume designers, knitters, and historic weavers. Shoko Tsuji's delicate embroidery work features in Chanel's Fall 2019 collection. 

Since 2017, former artists in residence and the work created at the Textile Center residency are represented in our Art Residency Catalogue.

Current artists in residence (July 2021) are: 

Judi Pettite, USA
Judy Hoomeyer & Marijke Leertouwer, Netherlands
Marled Mader, Germany
Victoria Kolbuck, Australia
Students from Professjonshojskóli KP School in Copenhagen:
Anna Uhrenfeldt & Jeanette Pedersen