Current and past residents

Since it first opened in 2013, the Textile Center Residency has hosted over 250 artists and scholars from all around the world. Artists in residence are emerging, mid-career, and senior level artists and scholars working inside the textile field (i.e. fiber art, surface and fashion design, weaving). Since 2017, former artists in residence and the work created at the Textile Center residency are represented in our Art Residency Catalogue.

Current artists in residence are:

February 2019
Kelly Ruth, Canada
Meg Rodger, Scotland
Aya Tsukui, Japan/UK
Marie van Praag, Belgium
Barbara Dinnage, UK
Britta Fluevog, Estonia
Hanna Larsson, Sweden

March 2019
Allyce Wood, USA
Aya Tsukui, Japan/UK
Barbara Dinnage, UK 
Johanna Norry, USA
Sarah Finkle, USA
Sanna Vatana, Finland