Equality Action Plan

Icelandic Textile Center Equality Action Plan

Discrimination on the basis of sex, gender, skin colour, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, body shape, age, health, religion, views, residence status, financial means, nationality, race or culture is prohibited at the Icelandic Textile Center.

The integration of the gender and equality dimensions are the foundations of the equality plan. Gender mainstreaming must be ensured in all policy-making and strategic planning (cf. Article 30 of Act no. 150/2020) 

Execution: Efforts are made to ensure equality in the distribution of responsibilities and the participation of staff, and that the gender ratio within the organization reflects the diversity of genders in society. When assigning tasks and making decisions regarding working conditions, no gender will be discriminated against. Emphasis is placed on promoting education on equality issues, and to that end educational staff meetings are held regularly.

Director and Employees shall receive equal pay and enjoy equal terms of employment and rights for the same jobs or jobs of equal value. 

Execution: Annually, statistics on the last year's salaries and other staff payments are compiled and presented to staff:

  • Jobs: number by gender in each category 

  • Base salary: average amount between genders per month 

  • Full salary: average amount between genders per month 

  • Fixed overtime: average number of fixed overtime hours between genders at the end of the year

  • Additional payments: When awarding additional pay, if applicable, information on the distribution between genders is published

When hiring, efforts must always be made to hire the most qualified candidate, regardless of race, ethnic origin, religion, outlook on life, disability, reduced work capacity, age, sexuality, gender identity, gender characteristics or gender expression.

Execution: Vacancies must be open to everyone for application. Equality must be observed in the recruitment of staff and job transfers. If two or more applicants for a job are assessed as equally qualified, the applicant will be chosen from a gender that is not the majority in the field of work in question.

The administrators of the Icelandic Textile Center shall ensure that everyone, regardless of gender, has the same opportunities for continuing education, lifelong learning and vocational training, and to attend courses designed to improve professional skills or as preparation for other work, cf. Article 12 of Act no. 150/2020.

The administrators shall also make the necessary arrangements to enable staff to balance professional and family responsibilities, cf. Article 13 of Act no. 150/2020, including measures that facilitate staff returning to work after parental leave or leave taken due to family circumstances.

Execution: In order to make it easier for employees to coordinate work duties and family responsibilities, the emphasis is on flexible working hours, the possibility of part-time jobs, performing part of their work without location as far as possible and in accordance with the duties of the staff.

The Icelandic Textile Center emphasizes that all parties who attend courses or other services at the institute receive the same service.

Execution: All new employees receive training on equality, gender-based violence and harassment. The prevention and response plan is under constant review in cooperation between the staff and the board.


The Equality Action Plan is valid for five years and shall be reviewed at the end of this period, or by January 1st 2027. A report on the status and progress of equality matters shall be produced every five years for the same period.