About the Iceland Knit Fest

Prjónagleði – Icelandic Knit Fest is an annual event in Blönduós initiated by the Icelandic Textile Center. The festival was first held in 2016 and is inspired by the annual Knitting Festival in Fano, Denmark.

Festival activities include many different workshops on a wide range of knitting topics, lectures, sightseeing trips to local knitting and textile sites of interest, market place, and a themed knitting competition:

2016 Icelandic Sheep (spinning and knitting) 
2017 Own our own time – community happening / performance with Kerstin Lindström
2018 Independence sweater 
2019 Sea as a shawl
2020 Blanda river in a hat 
2021  Vest inspired by Icelandic nature 
2022 The hidden people of our time

The main aim of the festival has always been to bring together knitters from all around the world and create a space for learning, exchange and community. The Iceland Knit Fest participates in the project Cold Water International Knitting Festivals and received funding from Sóknaráætlun Norðurlands vestra - Uppbyggingarsjóði in 2021 and 2022. 

In 2023, the festival will be held during the second weekend of June (9. - 11.) - find the program here! 

The Iceland Knit Fest is on



Iceland Knit Fest 2017. Photo credit: Kerstin Lindström.