Kathleen Vaughan to join the Royal Society of Canada

The Royal Society of Canada has invited Kathleen Vaughan to join their ranks.

Student Visit

Welcome, Reykjavík School of Visual Art!

TextileLab - Open House

Introduction and equipment presentation on Þverbraut 1, August 27. - 29.

Wool Interactions - Workshop with Zoe Romano

3-hour smart textiles workshop at the Textile Center 28. & 29.8.

"Samkoma": Pop-Up Art Exhibition

Our artists in residence welcome you to a two day pop-up exhibition on August 28 & 29.

Shoplifter - Textile Art Exhibition on Hrútey island

Now open until August 28!

Iceland Knit Fest in Blönduós

Prjónagleði – the Icelandic Knit Fest was held from June 11 - 13.

Textile, Tryouts and Technology

On May 20&21, we´ll celebrate Ullarþon winners and open the first TextileLab in Iceland.

Art Residency Catalog 2020

We are proud to present the fourth edition of our annual Art Residency Catalog!

The Top 5!

The judges have now chosen their Top 5 in each of the Ullarþon categories.