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Intelligent Instruments Lab
Intelligent Instruments Lab

The Textile Center's TextileLab is quite popular with makers, students and scholars from different schools and institutions from all over Iceland, and we are very happy about it!

Since the beginning of 2023, we have welcomed makers, students and instructors from the Iceland University of the Arts (LHÍ), Akureyri Comprehensive College (VMA), Reykjavík Akureyri AkademíanIntelligent Instrument Lab, Húnaskóli Elementary School, the Association of Head Librarians (SFA), Ullarselið, the Women's Association Von (Kvennfélagið Von) and "Wool in the North" (a NORA-funded collaboration developing slow-travel tours for wool enthusiasts) for workshops, introductions and longer training sessions in the Lab. 

Makers were introduced to lab equipment, experimented with seaweed and biotextiles (Húnaskóli), made conductive yarn, soft matrixes, fabric speakers, tufting and felted sensors and an e-textile no-input mixer (Instrument Lab) and learned how to use the digital embroidery machine, felt loom, tufting guns and the TC2 digital loom (LHÍ). 

On April 10, the national TV station RUV (Landinn) came to visit to interview our lab manager, Margrét - see the video here.

Thank you for coming, everyone! 


                             LHÍ                                                          Akademían                                                         SFA