Iceland Knit Fest: Knitting Competition 2023

Prjónagleði - the Icelandic Textile Center’s annual Knit Fest will be held in Blönduós June 9-11. In connection with the festival, we also host a Knitting & Design Competition and this year’s theme is: New Uses for Old Icelandic Sweaters! 

The challenge? Take an Icelandic sweater (“lopapeysu”) and use it to create a new, wearable garment! 

Icelandic sweaters last a very long time, but if they are old / worn out / no longer usable for some reason, they can be re- and upcycled in exciting new ways. So we want to put your imagination and technical skills to the test. 

The rules: 

  • Use an Icelandic sweater (as defined here: "The Icelandic lopi sweater is made from unspun Icelandic wool (lopi) and knitted in a circle, with a band of pattern around the yoke") See also MAST!
  • Garment needs to be wearable
  • Other materials can be added in the re- and upcycling process
  • Use knitting as the main technique (other handcrafts techniques can be used in addition) 
  • The jury will take into consideration technique, useability and innovativeness 
  • Please add pictures taken during the process and the story behind the garment; which sweater did you use and what does it look like now? 

A jury will select the top three places and all contributions will be presented during the Knit Fest. Prizes include great gifts from Ístex, Tundra, VatnsnesYarn and Rúnalist! 

Contact Svanhildur Pálsdóttir for more info: 

Deadline for submissions is May 15, 2023.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing your work!