The Textile Center Residency provides artists in residence and visiting scholars within the textile field with access to a loom studio, dye studioopen plan work space, Textile Lab (access to the lab is not included in residency fee, needs to be booked separately!) and various tools and equipment. 

Artists should bring all materials required for their residency projects. While we do have looms and studio space for dyeing and felting projects, we do not provide wool, yarn, dyes, etc. However, we do have communal shelving in the studio where the community and previous residents have donated some items such as, but not limited to: fabric, paint, wood, wire, yarn, thread, sewing needles, etc. These communal supplies vary from month to month.

Work space also also includes a dye studio and small makeshift gallery across the street. The Textile Center does not regularly organise or facilitate exhibitions, but artists in residence are very welcome to initiate an open house or their own exhibitions. 

See also picture gallery: Work space