TC2 digital loom

The digital TC2 loom is situated in a separate, three-bedroom house next to Kvennaskólinn. The TC2 needs to be booked in advance; artists who book the digital loom (minimum one month) stay in the house where the loom is located. The house is located along the banks of the Blanda River, with spectacular views of the river merging with the ocean and the northwest coastline.

With a TC2, artists can create designs which normally require a Jacquard loom. In shaftweaves: change the number of shafts, threadings and weave structures instantly. Our TC2 has a weaving width of 43 in. and is equipped with 6 modules and 1320 warp threads. The TC2 loom is static and has its own computer. Please note that we do not provide materials or warp! 

Artists who book the TC2 loom need to be experienced digital loom weavers, as we do not offer any introductory or weaving classes at this point in time. More information about how to apply for a TC2 residency can be found on our How to Apply page.

 TC2 loom

TC2. Picture: Textile Center.