Ullarthon 2021

From March 25 - 29,  2021, the Icelandic Textile Center in collaboration with Innovation Center Iceland will be hosting an online Icelandic wool-themed event called Ullarthon. 

The Ullarthon - a word play on hackathon, "ull" being the Icelandic word for wool - is an idea/invention marathon. It aims to support sustainable wool innovation and product development and help increase the value of Icelandic wool, especially the categories least profitable today. The event is funded by the Agricultural Productivity Fund. 

We encourage everyone who is interested to participate! Online registration starts on March 1st. You can participate as an individual or a team; joining forces with other participants with a different professional background and area of expertise could be a smart move. 

Participants will compete in four different categories (2 max.):

1) Utilizing unprocessed wool
2) Wool mixes and blends
3) Product innovation
4) Digital solutions and traceability 

Prizes in total will amount to 1,600,000 mio. ISK, so this might be worth your time! 

Find more information here on our website (Ullarthon) and Facebook page (Ullarþon), or contact our project managers, Johanna (johanna@textilmidstod.is) and Hulda (hulda@nmi.is)