"Samkoma": Pop-Up Art Exhibition

Eight textile artists from all over the world have gathered in Blönduós for a one month residency at Ós Textile Center Residency during August in 2021.
Weavers, dyers, knitters, and visual artists from Canada, USA, Netherlands, Chile and Italy welcome you to visit their two day pop-up exhibition. Artworks created during the residency, inspired by the Icelandic surroundings, culture and history will be on display in the studios in Kvennaskólinn on Árbraut 31, as well as the new TextileLab on Þverbraut 31. Refreshments will be available on Sunday from 4-6pm.
Also represented will be “Þráðhyggja”; a research project on local textile waste funded by the Icelandic Student Innovation Fund, in collaboration with the Icelandic Textile Center and the Icelandic University of the Arts.  Project managers are Sólveig Hansdóttir and Berglind Ósk Hlynsdóttir. 
All are welcome - Covid-19 protocols will be observed!