Knit Competition 2020: Headwear / Blanda

Sunset over Blanda river. Image: Robert Daniel Jónsson.
Sunset over Blanda river. Image: Robert Daniel Jónsson.

The Iceland Knit Fest is postponed until 2021, but our Knitting Competition is still in its place. The theme is 'Blanda' and we can't wait to see what you come up with.

Blanda is one of Iceland's longest rivers running a 125 km. route into the Húnaflói Bay at the town of Blönduós. It is also a very popular salmon fishing river. What does Blanda ("blend") mean to you? Feel free to be creative with the theme!

Competition rules:

  • Knit a fully finished piece of headwear (size doesn't matter). 
  • Your project must be an original design / pattern 
  • The project must be knitted, but you can use other techniques for edges and ornaments
  • Must be knitted from Icelandic wool / yarn 

To enter the competition, send us a good quality picture of your finished work via direct message on Facebook (Prjónagleði - Icelandic Knit Fest) before the 25th of May. Be sure to include your contact details. Your project will then be included in the online vote and you have the chance to win great prizes from Ístex, Vilko, Kidka, and more!

Online voting is until June 12th. Winners will be announced June 13th.

Happy knitting!