Iceland Field School

Ragnheiður B. Þórsdóttir (on the right) teaching
Ragnheiður B. Þórsdóttir (on the right) teaching "Tapestry weaving by frame".

Concordia University's Iceland Field School 2022 has arrived in Blönduós and started with a tapestry weaving workshop in the TextileLab on June 3, taught by our weaving expert Ragnheiður B. Þórsdóttir. Students - 16 in total - will stay at the Textile Center until the end of June and also learn about spinning, foraging and natural dye techniques. 

Iceland Field School is a mixed-level, transdisciplinary university credit course conceived and designed by Dr. Kathleen Vaughan in association with the Icelandic Textile Center. Find more info on the program here: