"Don't Lose The Thread!"

Freyja Sjöfn, Ragnhildur Hemmert Sigurðardóttir and Hulda Birna Baldursdóttir (course instructor) - …
Freyja Sjöfn, Ragnhildur Hemmert Sigurðardóttir and Hulda Birna Baldursdóttir (course instructor) - left to right.

"Heldurþú Þræði" (= "Do you hold the thread?" Icelandic word play on "Don't lose the thread" / staying focused), the innovation course for textile entrepreneurs, started on February 7 and ended on May 13, 2023 with a visit to the TextileLab in Blönduós and award ceremony. This was second time the program was held by the University of Iceland in collaboration with the Icelandic Textile Center.

Ten classes were taught via distance learning. 45 different projects were registered by a total of 60 participants from all over the country. Six projects made it to the final round and were presented to a jury, including projects on how to make textile from hemp, wool, and string from hay bale threads; paper making; starting a clothing store using environmentally friendly materials, wool tourism and natural dyeing.

Winning projects were:

  • Freyja Sjafnar's Clothing Store. Freyja wants to start a small store located in the center of Reykjavík where people can shop materials that are organic, recycled, environmentally friendly and durable. The shop will also carry environmentally friendly products made in Iceland and supplies needed for sewing. 
  • Pappírsmylan. Kristveig is developing a course in paper making and creating art and craft products made from plants that grow in Iceland. Paper can be made from fibers of almost any plant, e.g. linen, hemp and hemp. All products created - paper, packaging, containers, utility items etc. - will be completely sustainable and natural.
  • Hayband is the idea of Ragnhildar Hemmert Sigurðardóttir. The project consists of finding ways to produce a light, wear-resistant material using a mix of polyethylene threads spun together with wool.

Congratulations everyone and best of luck with your projects!