We are proud to present our lecturers presenting during the Ullarþon! Opening remarks on March 25 will be given by Hulda Brynjólfsdóttir, head of the Texile Center board and manager at Uppspuna - Mini Mill. Our presenters are:


Búi Bjarmar Aðalsteinsson is an award winning product designer and owner of Grallargerðina design studio. 

Sigrid Daregård & Sólveig Dóra Hansdóttir are designers redefining Icelandic wool for a new generation of fashion.

Gunni Hilmars is a fashion designer, musician and head of design at Icelandic gentleman's wear brand Kormákur & Skjaldar. 

Birgir Haraldsson lives on Kornsá farm in Northwest Iceland and, as a young sheep farmer, is particularly interested in wool and the future of sheep farming in Iceland. 

Saturday,March 27, 13:00

WhiteFeather Hunter is a multiple award-winning Canadian artist and scholar working in a research, craft and performance-based transdisciplinary practice. She specializes in biomaterials research and biotextile experimentation. (Fyrirlesturinn er á ensku.) 

Sunna Jökulsdóttir is a textile engineer at Ístex wool factory and will share some insights on wool processing and lesser valuable categories of wool. 

Jón Gunnarsson is the communications manager at the Icelandic Intellectual Property Office. His presentation will focus on intellectual property and idea ownership. 

SUNDAY MARCH 28, 10:15

Hulda Birna Baldursdóttir is a project manager at Innovation Center Iceland specialising in all things innovation, business canvas, business models and marketing on social media. 

Monday, MArch 2, 13:00

Jóhanna Erla Pálmadóttir is a project manager, farmer and wool expert at the Icelandic Textile Center. She is also a sheep farmer and has taught knitting, spinning and wool processing since 1991.