There are four different competition categories ("challenges"). Teams can choose to compete in any of the categories, but no more than two. In all categories, we are looking for an innovative approach and solutions for Icelandic wool less profitable today.* 

The categories are: 

1. Utilizing unprocessed wool**

In this category, we are looking for viable solutions for unprocessed wool and ideas that would help increase the value of Icelandic wool. It can't just all be about that flawless, snow-white, first-class lambswool! 

2. Wool mixes and blends

Here, we are looking for new types of fibre or yarn. Which other Icelandic raw materials or biotextiles could be utilized to blend or mix with Icelandic wool? 

3. Product innovation

In this category, we are looking for ideas for new products inspired by Icelandic heritage and nature. Wool needs to be the main component, and digital and/or other textile technology should feature in the production process. 

4. Digital solutions and traceability

This is the category to suggest new ways to sell Icelandic wool and wool products. The focus being on digital solutions and traceability ("from sheep to shop front").

*In our toolbox, you'll find more information on what exactly qualifies as "unprofitable" Icelandic wool. 
** *In our toolbox, you'll find more information on what we mean by "unprocessed" Icelandic wool.