Vatnsnes Yarn

First stop on the Textile Trail, meet Kristín from Vatnsnes Yarn!

1. Who are you, what do you do?
My name is Kristín, I live in Hvammstangi in Húnaþing vestra. I am a hand dyer, i.e. I dye wool by hand and sell under the brand name Vatnsnes Yarn. I have a workshop in Skrúðvangur in Laugarbakki right now, but I started in my kitchen in 2016.

2. What got you interested in making your yarn?
It just called to me somehow. The whole process is fascinating, choosing beautiful, quality raw materials to work with, having undyed yarn in your hands, like an empty canvas, and transforming it with some fabulous colour. The cherry on top of the cake is seeing what the customer has used the yarn for, which in most cases are handknit clothes but also crochet and some people use my yarn for embroidery.

3. Why do you knit?
First of all, I find it really enjoyable. There is something about the texture of yarn which attracts me and colour is also something that affects me, and I also think it’s amazing to be able to create clothes and objects with two sticks and a string.

4. What are you knitting now?
I have several projects ongoing. Three sweaters, a collar and a hat, to name a few.

Visit Kristin's website - - to see more of her lovely work!